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“Euskal Denda, an annual craft market in the Basque Country, is looking for up to six professional makers to represent Scotland in their 2013 event.
Arbaso is a craft organisation based in the Basque Country. Running their annual market Euskal Denda (now in its eighteenth year) simultaneously with the yearly book fare in the Basque town of Durango, Arbaso aim to host one of the most culturally significant events in the Basque Country.
Scotland is Euskal Denda’s chosen guest country for 2013. They would like to invite six Scottish makers to showcase their work during the Craft Market, which will run from 05-08 December”. –

So…. I applied a couple weeks ago when I saw this post on Craft Scotland and have been invited as a representative of Scotland!! YES ! I am very pleased, I was all resolved not to be doing any shows this Christmas, and these dates are normally when I would be up in Inverness doing my annual show. Not This year!

I have always wanted to take my work to a show somewhere outside of Scotland, I had always pictured it would be Sweden, or somewhere snowy and cold. The Basque country was certainly not on my radar, but as it now is it appears there may be some cosmic compass directing involved here.
This always seems to happen at this time of year too….. mmmmm

Well cosmic compass I heed your clue.

So I know no more about the show currently than whats above, only found out the other day. At the moment I am trying to work out what and how to take my gear. This is not as simple as calling Hampden cabs and getting a run up the westend to do a show. So straight off the bat I wont have my big light box. and will not have room to take easels and all my bits and bobs. So I am thinking of maybe designing a travel box that acts as box basically, for everything… but will open up and when empty turn into a light box. Its actually quite simple… quite. I have a picture in my head anyway 🙂

Got a good collection of glass work built up, keen to make something special before I go now. I have 2 weeks…. what can I rustle up? Planning on making a short video of my practices to share for before I get there and when I am there on a laptop with headphones. Lots of ideas.

I had not thought of the logistics or costs when I applied. I actually didn’t think I’d get it, not because I doubt my work… this is exactly the kind of thing I should be doing.. but because I figured it these kind of things were normally done by the usual suspects in the know, canny with a grant applications bouncing from residency to residency. Nope, turns out you should just apply to these things when you see them and maybe it will be you. Why not, nothing ventured…. Lesson learnt on that one.
I think this project is a tremendous idea, maybe thats actually why I did apply with my heart. I like the concept. Inviting different countries each year. I would love to see that happening here, its this kind of community grass roots efforts that are very worth while. Good on them!

This is a most welcome adventure.

So its mental hectic for me, 14 days to sort everything. Game time, big time. But really looking forward to this.

I shall leave you with this image I made, I totally love it. Turned my painting Snow Fall In The Woods into a gif with falling snow (click on the image if its not moving I noticed it does not on my computer unless you open it up in a new tab/window).
snow fall painting

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