First Year in The Hidden Lane


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It was around this week in 2011 that I traveled from Edinburgh through to Glasgow to view a Art Studio in a place called The Hidden Lane.  I made the decision to just take it and signed the lease days later moving over on the 4th of January 2012. So as this week I finished my last craft show of the year it seems fitting that I kind of take a review of my last year, the hopefully first of many, in The Hidden Lane.

Also this is my first blog post on the new web page. My other wordpress blog has been running since April 2010 and covers in pretty full detail the ups and downs of those 2 years. I made the decision to maintain both making this one more updates of my professional news, the other keeps to the theme of being an insight to the studio & working life of an artist.

So I have an exhibition running currently in a local business center called ‘SkyPark’. These are two adverts, one produced by Skypark for their in house newsletter & another feature from I-on Magazine which is online and in the printed magazine.

Exhibition Art Skypark Glasgow

i-on magazine feature on skypark art exhibition

So the artists taking part are Michelle Campbell, Andy Peutherer aka Under The Kitchen Sink, Peter Gillies, Neile Goesch and Finch & Fouracre.

All studios in the lane I have been working with this year.  Over the months we managed to get a monthly open evening organized and this I hope will continue to grow but also connect the studios in the lane & raise the public profile so we become better known.  We ended the year with 9 Studios in the lane taking part and also a local art shop across from the Lane stayed open late with us. Called the Shop Of Interest it not only stocks many of the lane artists work (including myself) but a pretty eclectic selection from Glasgow’s Art Scene. The studios that took part in the monthly evening were :

Pink Grapefruit Furniture Restoration / Finch & Fouracre Model Makers / Gillies Stained Glass & Art / Volcanic Tongue Record Shop / Shona Fidgett Jewelery / Under The Kitchen Sink Art / Michelle Campbell Art / ChouChou Courture Fashion / Euan McWhirter Jewellery.

Other highlights from the year were most importantly getting this webpage up and running. Designed by man of many talents Somhairle MacDonald he not only designed the whole look of the page but also did me my logo.

Logo Peter Gillies Artist

Getting the work together to actually put on the web page was a massive turning point this year, with help from Andy at Scottish Landscape Painting, I got all my work photographed and organized so I could actually produce prints of my paintings. The creation of the web page and the options it brings has been a long time coming for me, and very glad its here.

In my Glass work I have not made the same quantity of hangers as I normally produce and the ideas that are worked through in that production have not been as wildly exploreative as in previous years. The year has been mostly taken up with more business matters but I did introduce early on in the year my wood framed windows. Framed in American White Oak, to be chained up in front of the window, I produced a set of 4 windows. Each hand painted & kiln fired, styled around the concept of a Japanese multi panel screen or painting.  This introduction opens up a new path I am very much looking forward to exploring as I have not seen anything produced by anyone else like these.

photograph of Cinnamon Stained Glass window with creeping foliage

The main idea I explored this year was using an engraving technique in a tree design with the foliage all engraved, as the sunlight passes through the engraved detail it would refract and become highlighted and sparkle. These turned out very well.

So as I wrap up this year I know am looking to what the focus for the next year will be. Hopefully more painting and the stocking of Uk shops with my prints. I currently have work in 4 stores and would like to vastly increase that in 2013.

For the studio the ongoing Open Evenings will continue and hopefully grow to incorporate more studios and more elements such as live music. The long standing record store ‘Volcanic Tongue’ specializing in underground and experimental music moved premises to within the lane last week and with their presence as more of a retail unit I hope we can get the public’s head round the acceptance of an alternative shopping experience happening in places such as The Hidden Lane.

All in all I think its been a good year and I have faith it was a great decision taking the studio and the untapped potential for creating a business in the Lane is vast. So with help & collaboration with the other artists here I hope we can do even more next year.

Until the next update in early 2013, see you soon!!

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