Summers Eve (2018)

Summers Eve (2018)
Acrylics & Resin Finish
Framed Size: 31.6 x 63 x 3.4cm

£250.00 +P&P

UK P&P £30 / Contact for price outside of UK
Paintings are securely box-crated to ensure safe delivery, sent by courier from Department A Studio in Glasgow direct to your home.

‘Summers Eve’ is one of 5 landscapes from Gillies’s latest collection of 2018 reflecting on his travel and artistic research in Japan.
It was created using acrylic paints and a scratch technique to reveal and create tree foliage and water lines, where the artist has scratched away the surface layers of acrylics to the undercoat.
The painting has a coating of clear epoxy resin, giving it a high gloss finish. A surface the artist has intended for his works for many years, this is the first collection to receive the treatment.
The artist favors this resin technique as he likes the way it redistributes the light across a painting, evens the color tones and brings out the vibrancy which simply can’t be achieved by varnish or glass.
The scene contains a dark outcrop of land reaching out into the sea, or a loch. It’s covered in trees and they are reflected in the waters. This area is the left hand side upper third and the rest of the painting is open space which has a subtle variation in tones from green blues with a light lilac in the lower section.

The color tones are very calming, its a quiet scene. The warmth in tone gives the atmosphere of the evening, but somewhere in a magical realm.
Perhaps a dream.