Spring 2013


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Hello !
Made a lot of changes recently (this 2012/13) as I try to optimize myself & my artistic practices.
And its time to rock n roll this show.
I feel more creative than ever before, I wouldn’t say I am at any peak of my abilities but definitely in control and have the great desire to step up the speed of everything.

Since getting the web site up & having the print range in place I have been feeling more confident in speaking to galleries & in the last few weeks have sorted out several exhibitions around Glasgow, up in Aberdeen and down to London.

With this upturn in career movement I will, over the next few weeks especially, be outlaying even more money than usual producing the work for these shows, delivering etc. So I decided to make a donation button should anyone wish to contribute to my materials.

I spent some time on Kickstarter looking at projects, but I don’t think I need that middle man. I know my customers and you guys know me.
So if you can not afford to buy on of my prints right now, or maybe nothing takes your fancy, the next week would be a very good time to make a small donation to help me get this new show together.

I am looking at trying to get around, well lets just say its alot, for all the materials involved and things like couriers shipping and moving myself & my work around.
It something I can never achieve on my own, understand it is what I have been trying to do for the last 7yrs but I never make enough in one go to use proactively and move forward, for example thats why its taken me so long to get this web page. And as I’m finally getting calls for exhibitions now I need a boost to prepare..

Essentially if you like my work & want to see what I shall do next you can have a direct part in that.

Donate the price of a pint or two.
Or buy a print from £12/60 from the work section there are loads to choose.
Spread the word on your social media and help me get a show together.

Just to give you a rough idea here is what I’m gonna go through in the next week or so:
Picture Cord Roll £20approx / Acid Free Tape £11 / Backing Tape Rolls x3 £8 / Photography Costs £30 / Printing £200aprox / Frames over £200 /

And for the next collection of original work I really need to start, I would like to order some Birch Panel Boards to work on. MDF is cheaper but it will not last, if you are going to the bother of doing good work use good materials. So I need these things
Birch Cradled Boards x30 estimated price £1200 min / Black acrylic £20/50 / Spray paints £50 / Fine Liners £30/50 / Masking Tape £10 / Photography £100

Thats a only brisk general run down of things. So you can kinda see for the last 7yrs I have already been supporting the equivalent to a high level crack habit doing art. And now on the cusp of things finally moving forward I need to spend a fantastical amount. Hence the help shout.

Thank you in whatever way you can help x x

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