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Well as the final leaves drift off the branches we move into the winter after the longest and best summer I’ve ever known, I begin to reflect on the past year.
So whats news. A fair bit, the charity auction I helped put together last month raised just shy of £500 for the charity. A fantastic amount, and so glad so many artists came together to make it happen. And I am really glad to say its going ahead again at the start of December same script Sunday December 1st. This time the charity is The Philippines Typhoon Appeal. You can Fb the event on this link – https://www.facebook.com/events/1429815407247317/

I also have sent a number of paintings up to Touched By Scotland in Oyne, just north of Aberdeen, for their Christmas Exhibition.
I selected ‘Hide Away Tiny Creatures’ from last year, two from the Bird & Moon series painted Easter time this year, and three of my blossom pictures from April time.
touched by scotland

I am not doing my usual tour of craft shows in the highlands this year, after a pretty heavy schedule since 2006 I have decided to give this year a miss. Its been a tough year and at this moment in time I think my energy, time and money is better directed into other things.

If your in the Aberdeen area do make the Touched By Scotland exhibit, I’m told its a very nice gallery and hope to make it up myself before Christmas.


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