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  • Studio visits are welcome by appointment. Gillies’ studio ‘Department A’ (founded 2017) is located in the Eastend of Glasgow G40 2QT.
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  • Tel: 07791388983
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Department A – Founded in 2017

Over the course of 6yrs, I have built my vision of a contemporary functional art studio.  Department A is now the home for 20 Glasgow-based artists working in a cross-section of practices. It’s a learning environment with the aim to enable the artists to grow, become self-sufficient and develop through access and instruction to the studios’ equipment.

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Artist Statement

My art practice is built on two intertwined elements that inform and support one another. At the core is my studio, which I founded in 2017 and which now houses 20 artists. Leading this space has become central to my motivation as an artist. I also cultivate the garden, which gives me purpose and feeds my creative activities. Building and adapting the space, and finding innovative solutions to practical challenges, feeds and cultivates a fluid artistic practice.

Material preparation is as important to me as the final use of that material. I find a greater personal value to a painting comes from my connection to the raw materials. Cutting sheet material or priming surfaces is an integral part of the creative process, with the painting already taking shape in the preparation stage. During the pandemic, I became more mindful of the environmental impact of my practice, repurposing offcuts into useable surfaces. This approach seeks to tackle my environmental responsibility but also helps me feel more connected to the resulting art.

My work explores the distance between my lived existence and my ideal state, where I am closer to nature. Forests, and being in the forest, are recurring themes in practice. I use self-made rolls of painted tape to create multiple collections that depict exploratory moments and arrive at composition through slow, explorative actions.

The theme of disconnection is also reflected in my sculptural papered works. The stones I collect have unique characteristics that make them special, and their geological history dates back millions of years. Using Shoji screen paper, which has a rich tradition in Japanese architecture, I create delicate and transformative pieces that invite the viewer to slow down and contemplate. The paper’s light-filtering qualities paired with natural stones create a new perspective on these objects and bring out their individuality.

Overall, my work seeks to honor tradition while exploring new possibilities, with an emphasis on mindful material use and a connection to nature.

Exhibition Dates 1997 – 2023

2023 - September - Old Contemporaries Group Exhibtion / Generator Projects Dundee

2023 - August 31st/18th Nov - Big Art Show Paisley

2023 - June - Glasgow School Of Art Degree Show (2nd Floor)

2022 - October - The Old Contemporaries, New Glasgow Society Gallery.
2022 - September - Saltspace Members Show Glasgow

2019 - September, Started Sculpture & Environmental Art Degree at Glasgow School Of Art.

2017 - September, Founded 'Department A' Artist Studio Glasgow G40 2QT

2015 - December / May 2016 - Japan, Self-directed research tour.

2015 - November 2/3rd - The Old Hairdressers / Blackalicious by Gillies & Carr.

2015 - May - The Steamie Galleries Govan Hill Baths Glasgow / Curator & Organisor

2014 - December - The Ceilidh Place Ullapool Solo Exhibit

2014 - November - BarTen Glasgow / Group show

2014 - May - Art On The Hill / Organized & Curated 100 Artists Exhibit in Glasgow

2013 - December - Touched By Scotland / Christmas Exhibition

2013 - December - 18th Euskal Denda Basque Artisan Show / Invited Scottish Craft Representative Guest Artist

2013 - December - Organized Brightest Star Charity Art Exhibition with Glasgow Crafter's Co-op

2013 - September / October - Merge / 42 Artist Group Exhibition at Skypark Business Centre Glasgow

2013 - July - RockPaperVideo Collective Group Exhibition @DNA Hub

2013 - May - Braw / Offshore Group Show @Gibson Street Annual Gala

2013 - April~May - Roots / Solo Exhibition Veneer Gallery Glasgow

2013 - April - Exhibtion @Christos Gallery Glasgow Easter Week

2013 - March - Juno Design Gallery Dunoon / Guest Joint Exhibition

2013 - February - Good Spirits Company Glasgow / Joint Exhibition

2012 - December - Sky Park Business Center Group Exhibition

2011 / 2003 - Worked with Christian Shaw Stained Glass Conservation & Restoration Studio Edinburgh

2010 - August - Contemporary International Art Group Exhibition @Edinburgh Festival

2007 - May - Inverness Homes & Gardens Exhibiton

2006 - April - Joined Exclusively Highlands Craft Group Annual Highland shows until 2011

2005 - October - Banchory Scout Hall Solo Exhibiton
2005 - June - Nairn Arts Society Solo Exhibiton
1997 - May - Inverness Floral Hall / Ink Drawing Exhibition

4 thoughts on “Contact / About

  1. Margaret Gilbertson

    Well done on the site! Hat off to you. I have read your story above about how you got to this point. I totally agree with your description of the ‘mental tool box’ and reading that sentence conjured up a lovely image of one of my early painting tins. Precious memories feed my work. I can’t ever remember not drawing or making. it’s tue, it is all of us! All the best Pete.

  2. samantha campbell

    HI pete credit where credit is due. You are a inspiration to those who wish to progress with their art or tap into their creativity eithier way you are a positive person and it is a pleasure to know you. I hope to speak to you again in the near future. God bless.

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