April 26th, 2011 – Stained Glass Restoration

This week’s Stained Glass restoration mission was to recreate a window that had been vandalized. There are two figures in the scene, I think it’s possibly meant to be Mary & Joseph, and the bottom half of the window was destroyed previously, repaired badly then vandalized again. So it’s been boarded up for some time and now it is restoration time!

After many hours of work, the vandalized window is uncovered and the metal frames allow the window to open. It had not been open in a long long time.

In the slide show, you will see a shot of the window prior to removal, a redesign shot as we tried to recreate what the window should have looked like. And some shots of the new layout.
This week I’ve been mostly working on the letting part at the top of the window which reads: Espovsed To A Man Whose Name Was Joseph. This is a multi-staged task of first painting the letting and borderline work. Firing that in the kiln. Then adding in the stippled shading color around the letters, also fired then finally adding an amber stain on the reverse side which is also fired.

Removing the double stained glass windows, which are housed in metal frames that open. Quite an unusual design.

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