April 5th, 2010 – And so it begins…

Well, this is my first post. It’s apparently Monday in the month of April. They also tell us it’s the year 2010.

Well, times and dates aside the facts are it’s windy as hell, it’s a little rainy and I just closed my Facebook account.  Only to open a blog but buy maybe this is slightly more constructive. … we’ll see.

So what’s the craic here?  Who the hell am I, what the hell am I up to? Well in short I am from Lochness, I used to work in a Stained Glass Restoration Studio in Edinburgh and well I got to the age of 25 and realized I’d never given myself the time to really see what I was capable of doing, artistically, given the time & space.

So I gave myself the time and space.

I turned 29 this year, man time is moving faster every day.  Where am I now… I live in Edinburgh currently, a full-time street trader selling my art, today I got up and did my second day down at the old restoration studio. Although the boss can’t give me any work they have plenty of work space so kindly are letting me work on my art there.

It’s really good to not be working in my bedroom anymore.  So as it was really windy today and rainy I spent the afternoon down there putting some hangers together. But I really need some sun this week, it’s a shame to be losing all the Easter trade.

I guess over the posts if I can keep on top of this you’ll get what’s happening.  Planning to make every effort not to edit myself.  To not review my posts, just type, and post.  So it’s time for a cuppa tea and see if I can borrow a flatmate’s digital camera to take a couple of shots of today’s efforts.

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