August 23rd, 2013 – Glen Of Tranquility

Well, I am just back from a few days in the Cowal peninsula, near Dunoon staying beside Pucks Glen. It’s actually the first time I’ve been out of Glasgow in 8 months and boy was it good to be away.

This glen, well I can only describe it as the Glen of tranquility. Growing up by Loch Ness I naturally think that’s the most amazing place ever, the Highlands in general, and kind of think everything else is inferior…. but this place fair challenged that concept. Maybe it’s just my eyes not being out of the city in so long but it was so lush. The trees were amazingly green and the diversity was immense.

The forest was planted all mixed up, oak trees next to redwoods, next to a rowan beside spruce, beside a Chinese Spruce beside everything. This made for such a nice view. Much more exciting than the same tree plantation forests of the Highlands.

This is one of my photographs from the walking. Not the best but I wouldn’t want to spoil it all for you. In fact, I do not recommend you Google the place, simply make it somewhere you visit. Immediately.


I am ordering some new ink markers to make some forest drawings, using some of the photos I took as references and ideas. There have been a few ideas brewing in my head the last year and this glen catalyzed some into-picture plans. The Pucks Glen was like being in a Led Zeppelin music video. Nonstop visual input at every turn. It was far too much to take in. Makes me really wonder why live in the city. I’d much rather be there drawing trees and having a nice time.

Sorry, Highlands but you just got bumped big time.

So any readers that happen to have a chalet in the Kilmun, Rashfield, or Benmore area I’d be happy to exchange a picture for a wee holiday 🙂

Gonna sift through my photos and try some preliminary sketches with some of my ideas. I think I might be doing something in line with my picture from last year ‘Hide Away Little Creatures’ but with a more fern, rock, and river focus. Not so much in the big forest. Maybe that will be in view but the focus will be on the small. On a very large canvas.


Please check recent posts, I have too many things to link here, including exhibition dates, and newsletter sign-ups. Have you been on the web page recently? All orders are likely to receive more than they bargained for…. 😉

Check what I just made from the collected slate rock.



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