December 7th, 2011 – Pastures New

When it comes to doing a painting I believe the picture presents itself and it will offer clues for you to pick up on.

This happens in life as well, sometimes it’s easy to miss the clues because our heads are so cluttered with noise and distractions.  Now I can’t quite remember when I noticed, but recently my inner compass has been steering me & pointing toward the city of Glasgow.

Through a chain of events, I found myself looking at Gumtree Glasgow and having a wee nose in the Office Space rent section where I saw something that caught my eye……

Well a week later & I have a lease & put down a deposit & will be able to move into my new studio later this month & probably be ready to open officially in January. Whoosh!

I kinda know my way about Glasgow to find my way here & there, but I have no idea really about the art scene. So when I initially saw the ad about the studio space I had no idea where it was.

Well it’s looking damn interesting, a ‘hidden lane’ in the west end on Argyle Street near the Kelvin Grove Art Gallery.  Tucked away behind the tenements is a complex of studios housing artists, designers, recording studios, and all sorts.  It even has a great wee tea room.

I am completely buzzed with the possibilities, this is a really major change.  There is that inner ‘nay sayer’ who was whispering doubt in my ear on the bus to Glasgow today, but thankfully I didn’t listen to its negative chat & I wasn’t sick on the bus with nerves, got to the studios and got my lease.

Got one more Christmas show this weekend, in the Inverness Town House.  It’s a very nice building inside and I’m looking forward to it. I am also really looking forward to the fact it’s the last one because it has been pretty full-on since the start of November.

It’s also kind of interesting to be finding myself heading to Glasgow, the hometown of my mum and where her father as a young man had a workshop doing Silversmith engraving.  The wheels turn and what goes around often comes back around, and here I am setting up my studio.

Life just accelerated up to an unprecedented speed!!!!

The path is unknown, the destination unseen.

The winds blow cold and say “turn back fool, turn back!”

But I got my boots & my beats

And its time to move on  & move on up


5 thoughts on “December 7th, 2011 – Pastures New

  1. Carrie

    It sounds like you stumbled upon the ideal place to be! I’m always a little bit in awe of people who are brave enough to make a big change like that without months of planning beforehand. Good luck with the move!
    Carrie x

    1. peterjgillies Post author

      thanks Carrie, it really looks great, im pretty hyped. i always think of the kris kristofferson song “the silver tounged devil & I”, we have this other inner side that sometimes dosnt just sit on your sholder offering a riskier option, it flat over rules and takes command.
      its not you but it is….
      I think ill be glad he decided on this one.
      No change is a bad one, regardless of the outcome good or bad. The point is you make a change. Its the patterns we form in ourselves / lifes / personalities that do protect us yet at the same time hold us back. Its important to break those patterns once in a while because its the random & the unexpected that reveal the gold. whats that poem by robert frost… something about a road not taken. that puts it in a very nice way.

      ramble alert!!! thanks 🙂

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