December 2nd, 2011 – Slow Trains, Cold Trainers, and Invalid Tickets

Okay, it’s the last of the 3-day shows, here at Eden Court Inverness this weekend & the final show next Saturday at the Town House.  It took an epic 5hrs to get from Edinburgh to Inverness today.  What a nightmare and a total farce, but fortunately didn’t get pulled up on my apparently invalid ticket and made it to Inverness, slightly later than planned but not too late for the show so no problems.

Classic scenery once I was past Perth, had to sit by the door as I had a massive painting with me to try selling at the show. It wouldn’t fit anywhere so I sat by the door, and could only shoot out the wee door window.  Not much angle, but I enjoy clicking away as the train rolls along.

Lets hope the weekend proceeds well, and maybe I’ll have some exciting news next week…….

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