December 26th, 2012 – Christmas New Year

Hi folks!! Hope you all had a nice Christmas.

If you have come to my site after receiving a gift of a Print or a glass hanger or even just have a card I hope you like it.

I’ll be cheeky at cutting n pasting this from last year’s December blog post cause I can’t really put it better. It still stands as pretty much what I want to say! ……

I’ve been doing these fairs intensely over the last few years.  Over this time I’ve been personally really pleased with the progress and directions my work has taken.  Especially this year.

Over the years I have plowed any money I did make back into the glass & art relentlessly.

So if you have bought a hanger thank you very much as this year it really means a lot to me and if your read this blog after meeting me do come to the next show and invest!

I made my first hangers in 2003 I think and since then I estimate there to be well over 1000 out in the world hanging in people’s windows from Dingwall to New york.  There is even one in an Antarctic Research station!  Apart from the ones sold through galleries which would be no more than 100 all the rest have been sold by myself.

The secret thinking was always, be it in my lifetime or not, if you make enough of something inevitably it’s going to get noticed so since I sold the first hanger I’ve been on a quest to get these out into the world.  All individuals, keep changing and progressing and making better and better work.

And as the overruling idea of these items is to make people feel happy if I can get enough out there then all across the globe these little beacons of light are sending out ripples of good energy into the world!!

So this is what your purchase is about, you are not only buying a piece of original art but you’re helping me to continue, investing in me as an artist and allowing my art to grow & progress.

This year I would like to travel & hopefully, this will inspire the next phase of my artistic direction.  So if you would like to be a part of helping me then you know where I’ll be :)


Well that was last year and I didn’t make enough to travel, but the money I did have I used to get the studio in Glasgow so I think 2013 will be more in the direction of web sales and stocking galleries. I’m undecided about doing Craft shows next year because although it’s the nicest way to meet folk & show them my work it’s just not financially worth it sadly.

So this year if you are one of the folks who have received a piece of my work hope you love it and come see me if you are ever in Glasgow, check the web page and feel free to give me a shout-out on FB or whatever social media your in to help spread the word about my work.  All help is greatly appreciated 🙂

Have a nice break people see you in 2013

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