February 15th, 2014 – Waterfall Paintings

In the depths of winter, the hardest part of the year in cold dull February as we just try to stay together just a little longer to see the spring, I have found the heart to paint. Waterfalls! Possibly surfacing finally from my trip to Pucks Glen last summer the water has processed itself and presented its visual concept into the idea inbox of my brain.

waterfall painting“All That I Can Hear”

Painted on board with acrylics & gesso this set of pictures takes on the brush techniques of the background work in my Blossom paintings from last March/April when I was getting stuck into Prussian Blue. The above image is my new color I think. It’s very peaceful.

waterfall painting

‘The Map Said Nothing About This’

It was great having 6 boards ready to go, I just fire into the work. Makes me wish I had 6 boards every day. Imagine what I could produce given the freedom of unrestricted materials. It was also nice to be a bit freer in my work, the last 6 weeks have been very detailed ink painting. Controlled, measured. This was just experimentation and freedom.

waterfall painting

‘Land Bellow’

waterfall‘Be Still Just One Moment’ 


If you have missed any of the last postings why not read back a few to catch up on all my news…

2 more boards to work on but I have to give my wrist a rest as the brush technique of matting the paint takes its toll. And I’m a bit visually burnt out as all this happened in 2 days and there is another 6ft painting nearly done. Whoosh

Seems appropriate I put on some TLC eh?

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