March 17th, 2013 – Forests, Mountains & The Moon

So busy week last week, the prints all got picked up to go to The Juno Design Gallery in Dunoon for the next 2 months and I was really happy with how the large format prints looked.

I got my picture ‘January Moon’ framed as it was one of the 3 going down to The Bluemoon Gallery in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Being the first board painting I have done I wasn’t sure what frame to go for, had a rough idea in mind but what I got far surpassed my visual ideal.

A black thin edge over the picture with a deep width so it stood out from the wall by about 2 inches. It looked so awesome I instantly set to find out where to get more boards from & have ordered 12 of the same size & am working on the first 4 for my Christo’s Gallery in Glasgow at the end of this week. The lady who owns the gallery wanted to know what I would be calling the collection, as I wanted to produce some new images specially for this and they don’t exist yet I was unsure about how to entitle the show… After a think & inspired by the new picture I went for Forests, Mountains & The Moon.


I have been working on some ideas along this theme, and this is a wee sneak preview of one ideas. The first time I have ever put a bird in a picture….. I have done eagle silhouettes ages ago but never really a general bird on a branch type thing.


So with the pictures off to Kent safely wrapped up as best I could to protect them I am working on Christo’s material now. It makes me feel quite frankly sick to entrust my pictures in transportation to someone else. I always take things myself because if I damage it it’s my own fault. Having a third party do this is not comfortable! But as the gallery is so far away there is no way around it. Fortunately, the guy in the studio next to mine was traveling to London to deliver a piano this weekend so he took them for me. A great deal safer than a courier but still outwith my control.

A new gallery space has opened up along the street which is great news. The more art things happening around here the better. The opening show was by a guy called Johnny Shaw. In an exhibition of pencil drawings, I have seen a bit of a trend recently in these photo-realistic pencil drawings. Technically very very good, but sometimes I wonder what is the point. If it’s so close to looking like a photo it may as well be a photo, unless it still captures an element of magic, soul, or spirit. Some of Johnny’s drawings did have that little strange element and I thought it was really good. What I also liked was there were just pictures up, no text art jargon chat BS. Let the art speak for itself.

I do a fair bit of pencil drawings myself and some of his massive pictures inspired me to look into getting a big roll of paper. I’d love to try a massive forest picture. So when funds allow that is def on the list. Something along these lines…..


So that’s all my news, just focused on the next few days and getting the new pictures finished. The next post will be from Christo’s Gallery Glasgow.

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