July 21st, 2011 – Edward Frampton Window

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Today we were fitting a small section of a window (by Edward Frampton) into a church out in a town called Aberlady. It’s near North Berwick south of Edinburgh. The church folk were not turning up until 2 pm so we spent the better part of the day driving around the surrounding area, taking in the fine sights of Dunbar harbor, North Berwick, and wee back roads in between.

Aberlady Parish Church
Aberlady Parish Church
Aberlady Parish Church
Aberlady Parish Church

Should have taken more photos of the drive, but that’s all I got! There are so many nice wee towns around Edinburgh. The work section of the day was pretty brief…

Other windows in the church.
Other windows in the church.
Inside Aberlady Parish Church
The repaired section is fitted back into the window.

The exciting part is I’m off tomorrow to the wedding of my good friend Peter & Heather. Ah the Pete & the heather, a good match eh?
It’s in Saint Andrews so that should be nice. All her folks are Canadian so they have traveled over here, and Pete’s from the north like me.
Let the whiskey flow, see ya’ll in a few days…..

3 thoughts on “July 21st, 2011 – Edward Frampton Window

  1. Becoming herself

    Who’s Frampton?

    Also – your brief comment about there not being many trees in stained glass is so intriguing. Do you know why not? And the tree in the window you’ve pictured is a lovely example.

    Bring back the banner pic. Oops, sorry, that slipped out.

    1. peterjgillies Post author

      Im not too sure about Edward Framptons history. His son , also edward, was a fairly well know English painter. He has a wiki page but i cant find much on the father. I’ll ask my boss, he’s an endless dictionary of knowledge. i did find this on the church…

      All that remains of the 15th-century church is the tower; the body of the church was rebuilt in 1773 and recast in 1886 by William Young who added two aisle on the south the match the post-Reformation burial aisles on the north. Stained glass by Edward Frampton, London 1889. Eighth-century cross. Marble monument attributed to Canova.

      thats from the churches webpage http://www.sacredscotland.org.uk/church/aberlady-parish-church

      The tree thing, its just an observation. As i mainly paint tree’s its prob why i noticed, but it just seems quite an unusual thing to put in. I guess with all the figures there isnt much room in a design to have tree’s!
      it would take up a bit of room in terms of design layout.
      That window however did have the tree as quite a central item and it was the stand out window in the church..

      I would of thought the tree is quite symbolic, surly the very essence of …what am i trying to say here… em the idea of a ‘God’ should in my mind be best ‘worshipped’ or appreciated or indeed represented in the glory of the nature in our planet. ie ; being outside.
      I had just written a whole bunch of stuff but that might be a bit controversial so ill leave it at that! 🙂

      My tendencies move more in the realms of Buddhist ideals, as i understand them. So im not on board with the Christian doctorate. Is that the right word…im not sure. anyway im rambling. lol
      I put a bit in about my thoughts on ‘religion’ in my how to draw post at the top of the home page.


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