July 4th, 2011 – Pilrig Church in Leith

So I have not posted much recently as without the camera I can’t take photos and I don’t wanna post a whole heap of text with no exciting visuals!

I did a big pencil drawing over the weekend, I had scored this beautiful oak frame out of Tk Max about 3 years ago for 30quid. I mean this frame is so nice. The problem is it’s a funny size so it’s taken me a while to a drawing. So ill post a picture of that soon…

Speaking of which, the camera repair! They did say 2/3 weeks and it’s now week 4, okay I guess it’s not that long overdue but it is frustrating not having it. About to start work on another vandal-damaged window in the studio & it would be nice to get some pre / during / finished photos.

We have been working on the fine Pilrig Church in Leith last week. Here’s a wee bit of history for you…

”Pilrig Church first opened for public worship on 13 August 1843 in an unpretentious building, only the second to be opened in connection with the newly formed Free Church of Scotland. The present building was constructed in 1861-1863 and opened by Rev. Dr. Thomas Guthrie on 12 February 1863. The building was designed by Peddie and Kinnear architects and is a lofty category A design in French gothic style, with a dramatic landmark spire (with chiming clock) on the junction of Leith Walk and Pilrig Street. The elaborately carved cream sandstone is particularly striking.

All but one of the windows in the church are early work by the later to be very famous Daniel Cottier. They are non-figurative painted and coloured glass which make a fabulous effect in the building and are considered by art experts to be extremely important in showing Cottier’s early development as an artist.”

I restored part of one of the Cottier windows and the for the most part of the week we have been fitting secondary glazing on the exterior of the church. This is the second time we fitted on some of these windows because the first time some bam pot decided to put a presumed scaffolding pole through the glass, and one of Cottier’s windows. This stuff is 6mil thick, you gotta fairly go for it to break that stuff. Really I have to ask why folk do this… the phrase shitting on your own doorstep comes to mind. I mean if breaking windows is your thing I can think of more deserving establishments…

Aside from that, it’s been nice to get a drawing done as my drawing board has been set up in my room since January looking at me… So onwards and upwards, and bam pots willing hopefully not back to Pilrig for a while.

Misty Forest Drawing, work in progress photograph.

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