July 25th, 2011 – Vandalized Window Repair Part Three

Well, today we drove up to Aberdeen, hopefully for the last time. I’m pretty sick of that road. The contract finished about a month ago, but we had the Strachan window as an extra job so we went up today to fit that back in so this is Part Three of the Vandalized window repair.

The windows have been boarded up entirely since the early ’90s, the whole building is being renovated and there is still a further 2 stages to go on that so I don’t think they will be seen by the public for maybe a year or two.
I had earlier posts on the reconstruction of this window and here is the finished article.

Installed windows.
Installed windows.

Also as that job is finished now here is a wee slide show of various photos I took since January in no order really. We cut up around 4000 rectangles, rebuilt 2 vandalized windows, restored a large 3-lancet window, didn’t fall off anything & nothing fell on us. Mission success!

View Through The Broken Windows
Removing the old windows.
Installed restored windows. The left window was a 50% total reconstruction.
Installed restored windows. The left window was a 50% total reconstruction.
Working on the largest window.
Old dusty vents.
Through the glass.
Photograph of Leaded window.
Church staircase.
Photograph of exhausted tradesman.

Maybe I could include an actual review of the Granite City…
well if truth be told we only had to drive up in the rain maybe twice. It rained while we were working only a handful of times, I can only remember 2 bad days when we were outside. Considering this was January points go to Aberdeen. The place is hoaching with drug addicts. I wouldn’t fancy being out and about past midnight, it’s bam pot central.
And my favorite restaurants were the Moonfish Cafe http://www.moonfishcafe.co.uk/ and Cafe 52 http://www.cafe52.net/
My favourite bar was the Blue Lamp, also The Old Kings Highway & The Prince Of Wales.

Aberdeen, farewell.

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      Hi, Pete – I have a request: can I use one of your lovely pix as my gravatar? The one I really like is of the open door looking down onto some steps. I’d acknowledge it on my ‘about’ page with a link to your blog. I don’t mind at all if you’d rather I didn’t. No offence taken! Let me know. Thanks. BH.

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