June 20th, 2011 – One Day Stained Glass Window Build

Now onto the second part of this most excellent weekend… Saturday morning I really was a bit bored. It’s totally raining outside & I have no films to watch or am really in the mood for film watching. What to do..? Well, I’ve always had this idea of making a window in every flat I live in. I guess it gives me work examples for the eventual web page but it’s mostly just for the hell of it.
So we have these window spaces above the flat door, it really annoys me they are always empty and you have some nasty stairwell light shining in your face 24/7.
So at half 3 once the rain had stopped I took a Sly & The Family Stone stroll down to the studio with the challenge to design, make & install a Stained Glass window in one day!
Well, I got finished at half 10 pm, too late to be hammering in the stairwell so I got up early(ish) on Sunday and put it in.
It’s quite a simple design based mostly around the fact I scored all that salvaged green glass and the Japanese vibe I’ve been on recently.
So here’s what happened…..

Sketchbook design.
Workshop photograph.
Sketchbook design.
Full-size template drawing.
Back ground green rectangles cut.
All the pieces are laid out on the light table.
Leading begins.
Leading begins.
Leading complete, ready to solder.
Completed window on the lightbox.
Completed window on the lightbox.
Completed window on the lightbox.
The doorway window installation space.
Installed window from inside with the door closed.
Installed window from inside with the door open.

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