May 20th, 2013 – Veneer, 25 days later

So 25 days into the exhibition with only 5 to go, finishing on Friday evening.  I’ll be hot tailing it up to a Westend cafe Offshore on Friday night for the opening of the ‘Braw’ exhibition where one of my paintings will be hanging alongside 40 other artists.  The Gibson Street Gala is the following weekend where I will have a table, if the weather is good I shall do some painting and have my prints for sale.

So in a final push to get folk to see this show before closing on Friday!

peter gillies exhibition roots at veneer gallery

I’ve been pretty much standing outside for most of the time trying to engage with folk, it’s the only way to get people to come in otherwise they just breeze on by not noticing. Working 10 am to 10 pm for the last 25 days I am shattered so in a way looking forward to the end but it would be nice to just keep this place. I could do a lot here.  But on this occasion, I should probably quit while I’m ahead and not gamble on another month. It’s been okay, but the only reason I have had anyone in at all is that I have stayed open late every day and been outside engaging. Otherwise, it would have been a waste of time. Even I can’t keep up that kind of pace so a well-earned rest for a few days I think!

I certainly enjoy being here to represent myself and meet people. I think in the future I will work quietly away in a more low-key studio and every couple of months put on a show like this to present the new works. I have been painting over my time here and have developed a new idea that I shall be expanding on next. So the new show is already underway!

I moved out of the Hidden Lane last week, it’s been very refreshing to be more engaged with the street and life as opposed to my quiet studio. Not sure where I shall go next but looking into the various Wasps studios. I will certainly put more time into researching the various options as I am looking for a specific environment.

I can’t stand closed doors, unused studios, and no communication. Unfortunately, that’s the way a lot of studios seem to drift into from what I have seen and I don’t need that. I want somewhere with a bit of life.

So get yourself down here before Friday evening to see the show people! Tell your friends!


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