November 25th, 2011 – Brodie Castle

This weekend I’m in Brodie Castle, located between Nairn & Forres east of Inverness.

”This imposing castle stands in rich Morayshire parkland. Dating from the 16th century, Brodie has unusual plaster ceilings, a major art collection, and tells the fascinating story of the Brodie family”. –

It was a windy rainy morning and just before we were due to open for the day, the skies darkened and the snow swept in.  It was quite bonnie seeing the snowflakes out of the grand windows.

A very cold Brodie Castle

Hopefully in for a good weekend, didn’t expect to see many folk today but the numbers were okay considering the miserable weather.  I’m always interested to see what sells from the table first especially when I have a bit of a selection.  As usual, it’s the item I only have 1 of that was a bit of an experiment.  I didn’t get a photo of it but it was a wintery-looking tree, with 3 layers of paint, a tracing black structure, and a dusty matt coat with scratched-out branches and then grey-green branches on top. It started as a Rowan tree but kind of deviated.

Looking forward to the rest of the weekend, ill post extra photos on Sunday…

Brodie Castle Display table.

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