November 15th, 2012 – Running Jump Into December

So it is the last 100 meters sprint and a massive running jump into the chaos that is December and Christmas.  So much has changed in the last month, I opened up the folder on my mobile phone and I think that the images on there best describe what’s been going on.

What shall we start with…. well it was only the other week, but the leaves are now all truly gone on the trees outside my bedroom window.

the end of autumn out my window as the last leaves are blown from the tree.

A few too many rainy days recently so I’ve not been biking it down to work, a nice slow umbrella walk while contemplating the days ahead has been the way. I posted the final photo of my most recent painting, but I also discovered on the phone a bunch of progress photos I took while it was in various stages of production.   Here is what I found…

Closeup detail of lower right corner – Hide Away Tiny Creatures
Hide Away Tiny Creatures – Peter Gillies 2012

So you can see the progression here. The original drawing was going to be a massive ink drawing but after doing another painting I was in the mood to keep going so as that was the only other canvas I had I decided to just paint over what I had done, leaving only the ferns and rocks at the bottom. From there I blacked out the rest, sprayed it a bit with nice colour, and gave thought to what I was gonna do…..   I decided to put a tree across it, using my glass technique I decided where the tree would sit and added that in. Then some wild foliage painting and snowstorm action, 2 weeks of pen work and she got finished. There were meant to be a couple of magpies on the rocks and in the tree with gentle snow around them but it all got a bit wild with the snow.  There was possibly a heap of other plans too but I forget. In the end, I called it ‘Hide Little Creatures’ because of all the little birds and animals that were going to be in this at some stage and are all hidden now…

Well, one afternoon, Andy & Michelle, and I decided to abandon paintbrushes and take ourselves for lunch one afternoon. We headed along to the Park Bar for a much anticipated Steak & Ale Pie. But alas they had stopped serving!!!! Well, it was half 3 so what to do? We headed along to the next whiskey bar, oh show me the way to the next whiskey bar, which on our street is the Islay Inn. They were still serving and not only was it one of the finest Steak N Ale pies I have had they were hitting out some quality mid 90’s rock on the jukebox so it was Pearl Jam and Gravy deliciousness. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

I had all my paintings photographed and after getting to grips with photoshop edited my images, got them printed, and ordered up a load of frames and mounts. Along with all my new work were several images I had stashed away after getting them photographed in around 2008.   It was really nice to rediscover these images and extra nice that I can actually use them now to sell.

‘Snow Fall In The Woods’ painting beside the print versions. Square framed, and a small & large panoramic crop. The prints look tiny but bare in mind the original painting is MASSIVE!

Late-night photo editing!

And then the later part of the month was mostly getting the webpage up and running, and now it’s up just making wee alterations here & there. I guess there is no perfection to that process, just modifications, and adjustments as we go.

The web page was designed by Somhairle MacDonald who did a stellar job.

Another treat was the Misty forest collection of drawings I have had stashed away since 2010. With these finally photographed I selected 10 to be printed & block mounted. The original drawings are A2 but I decided to get these done in a small format at 7×10 inches. They are kind of like little books and I think the look suits the images. Unquestionably Japanese looking, I kinda think they look like woodblock prints in this presentation and I am really pleased with them.

Block mounted Print
One of the Block mounted prints collection

So as this blog is tagged as an insight into my work & journeys of myself here is one of the rare occasions I leave the work behind and do something fun. Must say it was hard not to allow myself to drag a heap of work up the road but this time I traveled light, with the one intention & mission of fun.  No galleries, no deliveries, no meetings. Fun.

At the weekend was an event I refused to miss.  A fiddle player by the name of Adam Sutherland was recording his solo album in Ullapool. The concept of the recording was there would be 50 ticket holders who would sit in on the recording of the album. So it was not really a gig as such, but for the musicians to have the performance element that you miss out on in the confines of a clinical recording studio.

My good friend Patrick got me a ticket and we traveled up on Friday night to Inverness, then went up the rest of the way to Ullapool in the morning.  What a landscape on the road out of Inverness!

Arriving in Ullapool at about 10 am we found a quality cafe and had the legendary Ultimate Breakfast, told the staff some quality cheese jokes, and took a walk on the beach.

The weather changed every 10 minutes and we found the Ceilidh Place at about 12 and got another healthy feed of tasty Chowder.. and while Patrick took a power nap I sat by the fire & took in a relaxing pint of best.

Folk and friends filtered into Ullapool over the course of the day and at 5 pm we went down for the first recording session, had a massive feed and more drinks then went back in for the repeat performance. It was fantastic, the atmosphere from ticket holders and musicians.  After the performance, we retired to the hotel for some beverages…. fast forward to 6 am…

The tunes continued long into the dawn and eventually, I hit the sack. And hauled myself back to Glasgow on Monday. A fine weekend indeed!

So now it’s back to the graft, only 3 major craft shows this year the first of those happening the weekend after next at the Tall Ship in Glasgow. Continuing web page modification and framing prints, and making some new glass hangers.

It’s a bit of a gamble deciding what prints I think will be the best sellers at the shows, so what to make the most of….. but I think I have it covered. The studio is rammed with work now! My studio walls look like my Tumblr page with a collage of Paintings covering the wall floor to ceiling. It’s cool.

We have a group exhibition organized at the local SkyPark business center. They have a huge lobby and, Under The Kitchen Sink, Michelle Campbell, Finch & Fouracre are going to display work there for December / January.   That kinda takes care of itself as I have plenty of paintings to put up so I don’t have to worry… but I must admit given some canvases I would paint more for it!

I got some prints and glass out to some galleries, Tayberry in Perth and the Marchmont Gallery in Edinburgh.  Hopefully, expand that big time in other towns soon. Something I had planned to do all year but just got wrapped up in other projects, but things happening now 😉

Gee whizz and it’s only halfway through the month! And it only gets more mental from here on in……..   buckle up!

Oh aye, and the WEB PAGE in case ya’ll didn’t know! Spread the word kids 🙂

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