November 1st, 2012 – The name game…

Untitled Drawing Peter Gillies 2010

I am having trouble naming the images from the Misty Forest Collection.  Normally when it comes to paintings I more often than not pick a song title that captures in audio form what I feel the visual form is. Sometimes it’s just how many trees are in the picture.

My misty forest collection is proving a problem. All the images are fairly similar, I can’t just name them Misty Forest One/Two/Three… etc so I think I should go with individual names. But in some way have an over-ruling name theme…  or just go totally outfield with some bizarre names unrelated.  Tuesday Night Owl Meeting…

I have seen in books pages get named plate 104.  for instance. Or I could do it like classic music sets… mmmm need to come up with something interesting… I found the Finnish word for waterfall is Vesiputous. That I like!

Any bright ideas folks ??

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