October 15th, 2015 –

So quiche recap… Back in February, I decided to hit the escape button and do a flash auction on all of my artwork.

The purpose of which was to give me space, a moment in time without the burden of holding a lot of artworks. At this time there was 70 paintings. Its was a choice in which I am still not sure if I regret or not. To be sure I probably would not of decided to go through with what I’m doing this Christmas if I had not.. This is the first time in about 10yrs which I have zero stock as it were…

scottish scenery

So after the auction I got a 10 months work offer in a restoration studio, where I have been helping work on the final finishing stage of a major conservation project at Rosslyn Chapel, Edinburgh.  And that takes us to now.

rosslyn chapel

Passport renewed – Check

Flights to Tokyo – Booked.

An almost art less house….. – Nearly

Someone to take my room here in Glasgow – Check

Boom! I have an exit plan for the first time ever. I really wasn’t sure if I could even book the flight, I still have to make it to that flight and get on it. Not there yet….


So what becomes of me now.  Whats the plan?

I have always enjoyed the ‘one on one’ building a relationship with people / customers over the years, approach to my career. Im on a journey with my art and I want to make that accessible to you, because I think thats whats important.  And its possible recently I think I lost sight of that, or how to best do it for me. I don’t think previous routes where the best choice, but thats what its all about, trying the routes out and finding the right one.

And it occurred to me recently that maybe if I look at it more from a different angle I could change the pattern of recent years.  Just now its me trying to get people interested in what I recently painted, and sell it. There is only so interesting that can be and it gets tired pretty quick, as exciting as I think my developments are I just can’t translate that into the computer via a Instagram photo or FB update. Even long rambling blog posts don’t cut it. The internet, it’s a good tool but it’s not the be all and end all.

you were born to create mural art glasgow
you were born to create mural art glasgow

(Mural in a community hub in Glasgow)

So I got to the thinking that maybe it would be more interesting if I make ‘me’ the art project. Ultimately that is what will make my art more interesting to you, if I lead an interesting life.  Im not able to do that from being solely based in Glasgow. Its not working with how I want to create. Basically the ‘business model’ or pattern that I find artistically one has to adhere to for any kind of sucesss here in Scotland / Uk is not patterns that I think are healthy. For artist or indeed art scene & subsequently quality of produced work.

creative time

 So when I fly to Tokyo in a few weeks thats is the start of a new exploration.  No doubt the game stays much the same in that I make art and I make that work is for sale.  But the way that happens is changing. Im not sure how quite yet, its new.  But I am returning to my original mission from 2006. Find the way where by the art sustains its production and myself. But this time we try do this on the terms of ‘creation’ is the focus, not the ‘sale’.

big painting
paint art brushes
liquitex paint
peter gillies artist


And to start my focus on the creation I need to see if the ideas I have in my head are even slightly achievable. Like bolting two canvases together to create a monster 5ft x 8ft forest painting….

I know for sure trying to artistically create inspired work, without fully opening the imagination box is creating nothing but restricted art work. It might well be great, but its not all it could be.

I find myself overly concerned with how I will fit my work & myself into the existing art scene, which leads to high frustration…..  yet if I take a step back I realise I have no concern or interest in the existing art scene. The external pressures of my own basic day to day life bend my will to thinking thats where the problem and the solution lies.  Fitting it in.

So doing a personal U-Turn on operations. On life. On me. I have faith in my work ultimately although I accept it may take some time fine tune the settings on how I produce work, how I make that available and how I let you know, and be excited about it.

As it stands the main plan is to spend as much time in Japan as is legally possible. Which is 6 months, so that is the goal. After that I have no idea but I’m sure I shall come to some kind of conclusion or any opportunity will present itself….

kumano kodo

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