October 21st, 2012 – Combinations

Finally with the help of another painter at the studio’s ‘Under The Kitchen Sink’ I have had my work photographed, printed, and framed. I managed to start getting to grips with photoshop, just basic stuff like cropping images and resizing.

I have had several images stored for many years and it’s really nice to have them in print now. Using photoshop I managed to take one image and get 3 different cuts out of it. Some of my work really lends itself to this and the images have come out great.

Here are the prints of the paintings I have issued so far.  This has been a great week of combinations, of art and people…

For purchase details please go to my fb page. The new web page is almost here, may I suggest you subscribe to this blog by email, it’s the only way you will keep up to date with what I am doing as Facebook is restricting posts more and more. I don’t make a huge amount of posts so you will not be bombarded by emails. I maybe make one a week, more likely one a month usually…


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