October 14th, 2013 – Stained Glass Is Back For Autumn

Happy to say after a year of absence I have got back to doing some Stained Glass work. I do like to take a break now and again for two reasons. Firstly my health, I have concerns over handling Lead so much, and secondly its nice to not think about it for a while to come back with fresh ideas. Making the hangers is quite intense and I try to make each ‘season’ a new idea in style through the process you chase down so many paths my head gets a bit tangled up so every now and again I think its important to just walk away from it for a while.

So in the last two weeks I have added new work here and will continue quite intensively over the next 2 months in the run up to Christmas, usually stop making at the start of December as other commitments take over all my time, attending shows/exhibitions and such.

At the moment I am working through a big pile of Glass I had cut up last year in preparation so the sizes have not changed when that’s used up… well I’m not sure what the plan is. A few ideas in the bag safe to say.

Exhibition wise my show with Creative Banter titled ‘Merge’ held at Skypark Business Park continues until 29th October and so far has gone very well. Its nice people are looking for things on the internet and do follow them up and look them out, so still, time to check it out there is work by 42 talented artists.
Next month we are trying a new idea out which could be pretty exciting. I have been doing craft shows with a group called The Glasgow Crafters Co-op since last summer. This month’s show was held last Sunday at The Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor at the top of Byers Rd.
At the same time as the Craft Show next month we are going to hold a one-day art exhibit. The main focus of the event is to raise money for a local Charity called The Brightest Star. This will happen through the participating artists making a payment and the donation of a piece of art to be auctioned off on the day. We are still sorting out the finer points of how this will happen as it’s an unusual concept in some ways. I always saw no reason why art exhibits could not operate in the same way as a craft fair traditionally does so we are giving it a go. One day, one room, and a whole pile of artists for you to be introduced to.
The event for this is here – https://www.facebook.com/events/673046539387077/

Sunday, November 3rd so start of the month, nae excuses. Bring your art friends and show some support for your artistic community and this worthy local charity & let’s put some money their way.
art auction for the brightest star charity glasgow

After this, I have a number of paintings going up to a Gallery in Oyne near Aberdeen. Details of that to come.
I’d also like to include here the link to my mailing list which I started last month. I’d like to rely less on the use of Facebook for people receiving information from me. To add yourself to this follow this link

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