October 30th, 2016 – Autumn Returns

So it’s been a while since I made any of my own glass works. I think I made a small collection near the end of 2015 before I went to Japan, and I have not had the chance this year, till this weekend. I took my tools home from the week job with the intent of doing some of my own work this weekend. It is time to see the return of autumn…


Dusted off my boxes of pressed leaves, and had a rake around to see what I had stored away. Picked out some glass to use, and put on Queens Of The Stone Age selected out of the banging CD collection of studio bud Laws. ┬áIt was really nice to make again. I got 3 hangers completed and even tried out an alternative making technique which I think may become the new way. Everything should always be evolving, I don’t think you should ever assume the way you do something is a perfect way…

Here is what I made, all going well it will hopefully be a nice day tomorrow and I can take this outside as I would like to get some shots of them in nature. It’s something I have never actually done, I think it might look really cool so here’s hoping for a classic autumnal day.




They are up on my webpage and available and ready to post. They come with high-tension fishing line so you can hang it up straight away and bring your window some autumn delight.

Aside from that things are rolling on. I am still trying to get my Japan exhibition work flowing, I have some work done but I don’t think I have found the ‘thing’ yet. I’m not sure what it is, or what it’s going to look like yet, but it will arrive…

As part of my effort to take positive creative steps in my day-to-day I went on an introduction to funding course last week as I have never applied for anything, and this week I went to The Glasgow School Of Art open day. I never went to Art School. We visited it in high school back in ’97 and I thought the place was, to put it bluntly, a dump. Can’t say my opinion of the Art School system had gotten any better over the years but I have noticed I do think about it every other year, and this wasn’t the first time I have signed up for the open day only to dingy it and not go.

This year I decided I would go. I am willing to admit to the reality that the things I think about Art School, are things I have invented myself. Preconceptions. Judgments. Assumptions. So maybe I should go and see……. It was interesting. I am still formulating what I think to write any conclusion here, but at least on one level, it was more positive than when I went in 1997.


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