October 23rd, 2016 – Creative Time Summit

I make a point of watching this when it happens but I couldn’t attend the live stream the GSA puts on this year because I was working, fortunately, it’s available to watch online and at your leisure so I started tonight and will get through it over the week… I’ve already got a bunch of quotes & names written down and I’m only 1hr in…

I’m making a point of making a blog post about it because I think it’s really really interesting and I want everyone to know about it. If you are at all conscious then this is worthy of you closing the FB tab and giving some time to it.

If you hover over the play screen space you get a drop-down and on the far right, you can select event posts to see the sub-menu of all events divided into segments. You can review the PDF program here http://creativetime.org/pdf/CT_Summit_2016_digital.pdf 

DC 2016

And the event stream here http://livestream.com/creativetime/summit2016


The Creative Time Summit-the world’s largest international conference on art and social change-found its way to Washington, D.C.! Creative Time Summit DC: Occupy the Future was held at D.C.’s historic Lincoln Theatre on October 14 – 16, 2016.

Occurring in the nation’s capital just weeks before the 2016 Presidential Election, the Creative Time Summit DC took this important moment to collectively consider what it might mean to radically transform the current state of democracy. Around the world both the left and the right are making their dissatisfaction with the center known, setting the stage for a virulent electoral season. Shaking up the political landscape, worldwide social movements — from Arab Spring to #BlackLivesMatter — are now ingrained in popular discourse. The 2016 Summit offered a platform for citizen-led strategies and grassroots movements working within, as well as disrupting, electoral politics. As we work to push forward the ideals of human rights in practice, what does it mean to actually occupy power in a future as yet unwritten?

So thats all I had to say, it’ll take me ages to get through the 2day event, but I think its all available long term so no rush. Its absolutely worth sitting down with a cup of tea and locking into a hour or so. I defy you to not be inspired….

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