Flit 1 (2024)

The colors used are exclusively Gansai Watercolors from Japan, a medium I’ve extensively employed over the past few years. Recently, I’ve been exploring new techniques with these paints, aiming to achieve a denser, more substantial application. This endeavor involved experimenting with color mixing and intuitively responding to the evolving composition as it took shape.

The fundamental concept behind these works was to move away from representing identifiable subjects. They weren’t intended to depict foliage or any recognizable objects. Instead, my inspiration stemmed from music, and I sought to capture a moment, a sense of movement, or perhaps even an abstract emotion conveyed through colors.

Flit 1 (2024)

30.5 x 30.5 x 3 cm (12 x 12 Inch) 

Artist-Made Surface – Plywood Sides / Board Face 

Base – GAC 100 SID Sealant, 4x Primed 

Painting – Gansai Watercolour 

Finish – Clear Coat Resin

Matt Black Sides 2024 Signed & Dated On Reverse.

Paintings come with a wooden lifetime custom box and are sent by courier directly from the studio to your home.

£230Free UK Postage, Additional Fee for EU & Worldwide.  Customers outside of the UK may be required to pay additional customs fees or taxes based on the value of their purchase.

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