Winter Forest View (2021)

Winter Forest View (2021)
On Canvas/Board

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Worked on from 2016 / 2020 framed in ’21. A very experimental painting which over the last 4yrs has been through a number of stages, layers covered and destroyed with washes of milky paint and salt, sanded back, and worked over numerous times.
The final layer was dragging resin across the painting but not enough to do a full cover, the effect is to look like rain on a window.
The whole canvas was then cut from the stretchers and fixed to board. The edges are rough and areas of edge splintering can be seen as it was cut in a rather unorthodox fashion.

The scene itself is of a forest, it’s a turquoise colour, blue jade golden tones. It’s snowing and only the peaks of the dark forest appear in this moment you look out the window.