October 24th 2014 – Print Box

So a few months ago I launched my ‘Print Box’. This was under wraps for months as I prepared the concept, it was dubbed ‘The Masterplan’ originally. When I got the first box made I was really pleased to see the idea in the flesh, and it was every bit as good as I hoped it would be.

art print box gillies

After a couple months I have reviewed the idea.  Originally I had made the prints to be a Limited Edition, and the whole collection was sold as one unit with all 21 prints contained with the space for a further 50 released in the future.

Given it some thought and I have decided to firstly loose the Limited Edition element. For the person that was to put together, over time, a full box in the end they would have a pretty special item. But does the element of there only being ‘X’ number of them in existence make a difference? Not as far as I am concerned. Its still made by me, still signed and titled by me, wrapped up and posted by me.

(in case I need to explain for those out with the art world that have perhaps never considered this, if I limited the number of prints I could make of a picture the overall sale total for a particular picture’s print run would be have to be high enough to warrant not being able to sell it ever again.. or I make it lower price and have the option to print whatever I need to with no restrictions. These images are after-all effectively my pension, so its a hard call).

art print box

The second change is instead of all 21 prints coming with the frame I have divided all my work into sets. Currently there are 7 sets, each comes with 5 prints.

As I produce new work I will release new sets for the box. Remember the capacity of this frame is 70 prints. That’s quite a collection, all within this little box sitting on your shelf.

At the moment I have created sets for Blossom Paintings / Tree Paintings / Tree Drawings / Landscapes / Waterfall Paintings.

tree paintings print box gillies

So that’s the updates, looking forward to get the new sets printed up next.

There are a few drawings I have never issued before in this. And certain paintings I have done, like square formats, obviously don’t fit in this portrait rectangular frame so a few of these are special cuts where I have cropped the original paintings to fit. I really enjoy this as cutting into one area can create a totally new feeling for a work.

Going to get a few of these made up for sending up to Ullapool in a couple of weeks for my new exhibition. I’m keen to see what the public thinks of them as no one has really seen this yet, outside of Facebook. I think its something that becomes so much more when you are holding it. Like most handmade items really, a promo shoot photograph can never capture the reality and beauty of an item.

So a reminder this is on my web page to order you can be the first to own one, and all my recent nighttime paintings are greatly reduced in price as I raise funds to put on this exhibit.

To give you an idea of what happens pre-show – ALL the paintings have to be securely and safely bubble-wrapped and that stuff ain’t cheap.  I have to pay to get all the paintings, equipment & myself 270 miles north, print flyers and posters, buy business cards, personal travel expenses, I’ve outlaid nearly £500 in the last month framing & materials alone and still have work to have framed hopefully before the show.

Artists don’t get paid to display work, it costs hundreds of pounds aside from all the time and physical effort… I put the exhibitions on just to get the work seen and to make something nice happen.  I try to make judgments on where best to show it, where best to find the people I think would like & hopefully buy it. 

Of course, I hope it’s a financial success and I try to build up an inner positive energy to motivate myself through this process…. but there is every chance I’ll not sell anything.  Would all that financial outlay of been a waste? Hundreds of pounds, time, and effort…

I don’t think so. This is what I do and if I worried about the risk & return on every penny art cost me I’d never paint again.  So we don’t think about that.  I make the judgments and calls as far as my current experience tells me is the best move. So we’re heading north. 

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