September 1st, 2011 – Edinburgh Rose Window

Closeup photograph of Leaded Glass windows with pink and red glass.

So the studio work this week is several segments from a large rose window in an Edinburgh Church. I took a couple of shots while I’ve been remaking these, I don’t think the photos need much explanation. The window is traced, measured, dismantled, wire wool the years of dirt off, and rebuilt.

Window segment on the workbench to be dismantled.
All the pieces of the window are laid out on the tracing.

The panel’s in a right ol’ dirty state. The leads are completely rotten but not too many breakages thankfully.
All the pieces are laid out and ready for reconstruction.

Leading up the window.
Leading up the window.
Leading up the window.

Once Leaded up and soldered it’s on to the next one and at the end of the week I’ll be puttying them all up ready to go back to the church.

One of the things I’ve had in my mind for ages has been the plan to do drawings from the views I get from up the churches. With all the different churches we work in I’m getting access to viewpoints no one else gets to see and this week’s church has some interesting angels. So when we go back on site ill be taking the camera to take some snaps to work from.
So hopefully in a year’s time, I can invite people to the exhibition of my rooftop drawings of Edinburgh, from the top & sides of Churches. If I can get it together I think it would be really good.

Also this week I’ve been thinking about the impending Christmas craft fairs in November & December I can do and the Open Studio Day in October. It always creeps up on me this time of year so I’ve been trying to put in extra time to make a good collection for this run of events.
I always hope I’ll make enough money to actually do something bold, but so far that’s never happened. Just enough to pay some bills, back rent whatever maybe get to go for a pint.
I’m not sure how the money situation is this year but I think it might be up on last year. I have put in a good few years of work doing annual shows up north and I think it’s beginning to pay off in terms of being a familiar face and returning customers. So with all that previous effort laying the groundwork, it’s important not to get down about bad years cause eventually it pays off….. eventually. Sow the seeds.
So I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months. Especially as my work is a little different this year with the inclusion of the painted and fired work, it’s nice to be bringing something fresh.

I do need to deviate from just doing bamboo, but it looks so nice.
This week I managed to make just 10 things and managed to get the engraver working again so it’s been a combination of Painted bamboo and engraved Acer leaves.

So that’s been my week, well the month really. Still no further on with my pencil drawing that has been dragging on for ages, but it’s essentially finished. I just want to project the large tree center left up to the top of the paper so it pushes everything else back. Apart from that, it’s done.

Looking into making my own frames, I have now about 20 pictures requiring frames and can’t afford to get it done in the galley at 70quid a pop. So I’m making a list of the tools ill need to make this happen.
I always liked the idea of making my own frames and I kind of feel it goes with the whole ‘vibe’ of my work. I’d like to have all my work done in the same framing style. Lots to think about but I really have to make this happen soon…

So feeling good, glad to earn some cash this week and plans are in motion.

Bring it

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