September 4th, 2012 – And so into autumn we creep

We have just crossed over 5000 blog views!!! Big smiles.

This morning as I lay on my bed drinking my morning coffee watching the thinning leaves on the tree sway in the blustery morning wind against a bright blue sky I saw 4 geese heading off for the winter. It’s one of my top favorite annual sights. And so into Autumn, we creep.

Made some good progress with my big drawing, I’ll save all the photos for the finished product but it is looking pretty cool so far, I have been taking a lot of progress shots. My main news since my last post is stepping into the world of Tumblr.

In the 7 days since I started my Tumblr, this blog’s views have gone up by three times the normal, so that’s interesting!

Hello Tumblr people 🙂 it would be nice if you left a message, and even nicer if you follow me, and pretty damn super if you say ‘Hey Pete, this glass work is amazing can I buy one?’…..

Each week in the studio as I have about 50 items to choose from and only 1 window hook I like to choose something off the lightbox to feature in the studio window and spend some time with. This last week has been this Bamboo hanger, painted on white glass with a very subtle greying texture through it, bordered with a moss green water glass. As the sun filters through the tree and the wind blows the branches around the light on the glass makes some lovely movements.

It’s important I actually use the hangers myself to see how they perform & work under different light conditions, and where they look best, so I know what combinations of glass & colors work best for the next ones and can advise people when they ask. The trouble is if they go home they might not make it back…..

So I plan on making the facebook page my day-to-day news, this blog is the monthly-ish more detailed round-up of all that, and the Tumblr is just for photographs & vids that I probably wouldn’t use on here… studio & works in-progress shots finished art & some photos from the other studios in the lane. I’m also on Pinterest but that’s mostly for Art, Architecture & products I like for myself.

But the BIG news is I finally bought a domain name. I am a www. ! I have no idea how long it’s going to take to get the site up and how that’s going to happen but this is the first step. I have images galore of paintings and drawings that I can sell as prints and all my glass. A nice clean professional web page should help all around, it’s been in the pipeline for a long long time and I can’t wait for that to become.

And finally in the news its the Hidden Lane First Friday Open Studio Evening this Friday (7th). We have…

Drum roll…….

  1. Under The Kitchen Sink art,
  2. Breagha‘s lovely tweeds,
  3. Shona Fidgett jewellery,
  4. Glasgow Badges screen printers,
  5. Pink Grapefruit furniture restorers,
  6. Finch & Fouracer model makers,
  7. Michelle Campbell Art
  8. Euan McWhirter Jewellery
  9. Myself 🙂 and a couple others unconfirmed.

So for only the second-month event that is a fair nice collective of studios to visit. Get down and back ma name is Brown! (that’s a James Brown reference, you should know that)

I really want to get through to people that the idea here is we establish a relationship, it’s a monthly night where you get to meet us and see the work and place of work. Maybe the next month when you visit I will have finished that painting you saw last time, or built that window… This whole event should grow and I’d hope to see people return & make it definite on their calendars.

I did have a thought it might be nice to contact some other studios in Glasgow & try to get a city-wide thing going. Why not? If everyone collectively did something on the same night it might be cool or over the month each Friday night… so I messaged the Sculpture Workshops that are located 2 streets away…… and might get in touch with some other places. Why there is not a monthly Art map in place already I don’t know, it’s not like we are short of studios. You have 4 Fridays in a month we could create an east, west, north & south Glasgow Friday thing….. plans, and schemes!!!

So anyways that’s all my news……. and this week I shall leave you with this

“It would be interesting to find out if the form birds

give their nests, without ever having seen a nest,

have not some analogy with their own inner constitutions”.

– Jules Michelet 1858

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    1. peterjgillies Post author

      Thanks Eve, its nice to here from people… I’d go a bit strange if no-one ever left a comment.(well more strange). I keep an photo album called ‘whats in the shop’ on the facebook page pretty much updated and usually add a lot of things in Oct/Nov for christmas. Not sure i’ll be doing as many craft shows as usual this year. Thanks for reading 🙂

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