September 19th, 2015 – The Pilgrims Quest

2015 has passed very quickly, and you may of noticed almost silence from myself.
The year started with holding a flash auction of all my work in February. I decided to just clear the decks as after a very productive previous year and my general collection I was sitting on over 70 works. The ‘weight’ of this was, well weighing me down!

I wrote some extensive blogs on this thought process at the time, and although almost heartbreaking to sell large works for not much more than the framing cost it was worth it overall to have space and after 10yrs not be bound down by the responsibility of paintings.
I needed a clean slate, well an empty one at best before I start the next stage.

The very next day after launching my auction and the video being shared over 100 times and viewed by several thousand people, by chance I was offered 10 months work in a reputable restoration studio.
I decided to see the auction through, as the goal remained a good idea, take the 10 months work and at the end of the contract be able to take time out in Japan.

So 2015 has seen zero activity on my webpage, I decided not to produce any new work this year so clearing my decks is not undone.
I depart on the 18th of December to Tokyo, with one of my main destinations being the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage walk, the art museum of Kaii Higashiyama and general wandering.

The last few paintings which were not sold have been significantly reduced on the webpage have a look at my works.. my key favourites are the 6ft waterfall and Tomioka I & II.

As to my future works I plan to be creating work while in Japan. Part of my journey is walking the Kumano Kodo, an ancient pilgrimage walk with a shrine to the forest spirits.
I will be sending works back to Scotland as I travel and upon my return collate the works into an exhibition and make paintings available to buy here estimated time Autumn / Winter 2016.

I have one last surprise for this year happening on November 3rd. My policy of not producing art this year is not being stuck to for this, I am doing a special 2 works for a personal project. The details of this will be released soon….
Just remember November 2nd @Old Hairdressers, Glasgow.


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