September 28th, 2017 – Autumn

Hello all. Great news on the studio front, I’ve moved location from The Briggait to a new building in the east end. Not posting about the planned opening evening yet it is still in the planning and I have still a few things to build yet…. but… I have just finished 16 new autumn hangers.

Have a gander at some of these….




2 thoughts on “September 28th, 2017 – Autumn

  1. Carmen Sierra

    Hello, wondering if you have any leaves stainned glass pieces for sale art the moment. I bought some lovely pieces of yours a while back and was looking to see if you had any from the ones posted in the blog or others. If you do please let me know prices and which pieces you have. Thanks

    1. Peter Post author

      Hi, Carmen sadly I have not returned to making the leaf hangers since a scaffolding accident in 2018. I do have a few made that have been stored away in the studio, I’ll look out for what I have and send you an email. Peter

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